Wacky Road Stuff

I have always loved roadside “things”. Maybe is called Americana. I just call it wacky big stuff, and I want to see it before it dissappears.


Wacky Things Roadside Things Large Things

Roadside Marvels Roadside Murals

Stuff we have seen:

UFO Sighting, Mars PA

Martian Credits Only!, Mars PA

Big Roller Skate, Anchorage AK

Chest of Drawers, Highpoint NC

World’s Largest Fire Hydrant, Columbia SC

Giraffe, South of the Border

Slipper, South of the Border

Big Spark Plug, South of the Border

Pedro, South of the Border

Gorilla, South of the Border
(This is my wife’s all time favorite picture)

Big Cow, Savannah GA

Big Arrow Head, Old Fort NC

Andrews Geyser, Old Fort NC

Got Milk? Burlington NC

Shell Gas Station, Winston-Salem NC

Big Coffee Pot, Winston-Salem NC

Big Bike, Highpoint NC

Smallest Police Station, Ridgeway SC

Sugar and Spice, Sarasota FL






Snug as a Bug

“Ed” Worlds Largest Kid, Columbia SC

Awwww, dragonfly, Columbia SC

Thinking, thinking, Columbia SC

Puppet Master, Baltimore MD

Scout thought these were giant marshmallows!!!

Chair, Downtown LA

Pineapple, Lake Placid FL

Big Red Boot, Orlando FL

Dino, St. Pete FL

Spark Plug Revisit, South of the Border
(Has our FJ40 in picture)

Free Prostate Exams, Ft. Myers FL
(I’ll pass)

King Kong

Scary Pioneer Woman and Child

Victorian House (on top of warehouse), Syracuse NY

Pipe Wrench, Ft. Myers FL

Big Orange, Ft. Myers FL

1 Response to Wacky Road Stuff

  1. Bill Carter says:

    Go see Edison’s Etherial statue in Ft Myers

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