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Downsizing – Books

I made it through the Atlanta airport without buying any books. That is a huge feat and an accomplishment. I love books (especially cookbooks). But books are heavy and cumbersome. Storing them hardly pays and make little sense. Just to … Continue reading

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Downsizing – Punch Bug, no tag back

Just sold my two VW’s. They were meant to be working projects to do with the kids. In a cruel twist of fate both engines blew up while driving home for the first time. The grey was bought in 06, … Continue reading

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I broke Google Maps……

Oh man, it seems like I “broke” Google Maps. Basically for the past month and a half I have been starring my google map when I find something interesting to do or see (National Parks, State Parks, Campgrounds, Fun Attractions, … Continue reading

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Roadside Oddities – Corn Snake Overlook, Gainesville FL

Seth and I were traveling south of Gainesville. At a southbound I-75 reststop is an overlook in the shape of a snake. You walk up its curvy back to its head that is pointing toward Payne’s Prairie State Park (which … Continue reading

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Downsizing – 5X6 and 32

We are making adjustments to our storage unit. Moving out of smaller ones and consolidating into a larger one.  We have dived up the space (furniture, educational/homeschool, kids, wife, and mine). My space (which is equal to wife’s, but she also has homeschool stuff in … Continue reading

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Put a pin in the map, now it serious…..

For my birthday MJ and the kids, gave me a framed map of the US to place map pins (where we are going, where we have been, where we would like to go).  Included is a blue flag for destination. … Continue reading

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BOLO – “Williams Family” ALASKA 2014

BOLO – Police slang for Be On the Lookout We put a BOLO out for a suspicious character   So my Alaskan pal (native Alaskan by the way) Lonny called and left a voice message concerned that we had wind storms here … Continue reading

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