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Work Life – B&N

Hanging out in Barnes and Noble, sucking up their bandwidth.  I love my job.  Check out the fireplace and my boots!!!!!!        

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Double Rainbow, all the way……

Full-on Double Rainbow all the way…….  Alaska is magical!!!! I have now lived life and am ready to move on (after experiencing a true double rainbow) – all the way……   We took this picture traveling just north of Denali.  … Continue reading

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Maine – Made it!

Maine-ly, I no nothing about Maine……. – When I worked for a Boston company a lot of people would go to Maine for the weekend, or on vacation. All said it was beautiful. – the Appalachian Trails ends there (or … Continue reading

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RV Mods – Storage Wars

My wife is freaking out, panicked, “concerned” about storage. Mainly, where to put homeschool items, where to put 10 sets of towels, and where to put her belongings. Me, my answer, is to wait until you move in, figure out … Continue reading

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2013 Travel Map

Here is our proposed Travel Map for 2013.  (the major stops)

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Roadside Oddities – Concrete Monoliths, Ocala FL

Deep within a forested highway median are ancient concrete monoliths. Without written history one would think they were ancient gateways built by aliens. Instead they are just remnants of a bridge to nowhere, built by our government in the 1930’s. … Continue reading

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Roadside Oddities – Tervis Tumblers, Venice FL

We decided to visit Tervis Tumblers ( in order to get some drinking glasses for our RV travels. The thought is that each of us could have our own unique and identifiable glassware. This would save on having multiple glasses. … Continue reading

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Downsizing – Books

I made it through the Atlanta airport without buying any books. That is a huge feat and an accomplishment. I love books (especially cookbooks). But books are heavy and cumbersome. Storing them hardly pays and make little sense. Just to … Continue reading

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Downsizing – Punch Bug, no tag back

Just sold my two VW’s. They were meant to be working projects to do with the kids. In a cruel twist of fate both engines blew up while driving home for the first time. The grey was bought in 06, … Continue reading

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I broke Google Maps……

Oh man, it seems like I “broke” Google Maps. Basically for the past month and a half I have been starring my google map when I find something interesting to do or see (National Parks, State Parks, Campgrounds, Fun Attractions, … Continue reading

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