About Us

Short Version:

We are a stay-at-home family.  I work from home, my wife is a stay-at-home mom, and we homeschool our three stay-at-home children.  That’s it, simple, in a nutshell, we are a stay-at-home family…….  However, we don’t seem to stay-at-home.

Our lives are filled with so many events, clubs, and outdoor activities.  We participate in church groups, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and 4-H.  We mainly seek out value-oriented groups that do outdoor activities.  There is a lot of hiking, camping, and team sports.  The days are short, and the mini-van gets *a lot* of mileage.  We are very active to say the least.  Our “stay-at-home” lives allows us to do anything and everything but stay-at-home, if we so choose.  We are only limited by our imaginations, creativity, and power of will.

Notable Activities:

Hiking the Appalachian Trail (A.T.) : We are currently section-hiking the Appalachian trail.  Our plans are to section hike it over a span of ten years (2176 miles).  So far we are still “stuck” in GA, but plan to breakout into a new state on our next hike.  BTW – when we hike, everyone goes.  Outlaw (mother-in-law), wife, myself, three children, and dog.  It is a huge undertaking (think “deployment”), but well worth it.  The experience has taught us to be self-reliant, prepared, to enjoy nature, and to push our “limitations”.  The family bonding has been priceless.  Plus, if you can hike the AT you can pretty much do anything.

On the Road to Eagle:  My son and I participate in Boy Scouts.  I should say my son and I *and* family participates.  Meaning this…. My wife and I were leaders in cub-scouts, our Pack was family/sibling friendly, so the whole family participated.  Now that Seth has crossed-over to Boy Scouts my wife is no longer a leader and the girls don’t participate (because this is a boy run organization) *however* that doesn’t *seem* to be the case.  This summer the Troop is going to do Northern Tier High Adventure Camping.  My wife believes there should be a “family contingent” to the group, and has somehow talked the Scoutmaster (Fuzzy) into this.  In order for the boys to go they need to have twelve specific merit badges.  Canoeing of course is one of them (basically on this summer trip you canoe all day, and primitive camp at night – for eight days).  So the boys did the canoeing merit badge over the weekend.  Guess who was invited to participate in the class – “the family contingent” – my wife and two daughters.  So there you go……  Off to Northern Tier Camping in the Summer of 2013 the Williams family will a go.

In the meantime Seth has decided to earn all the tbe Boy Scout merit badges (130 at time of this writing).  Becoming an Eagle Scout is not a stretch for a boy who has decided to earn *all* of the merit badges.  I can’t wait to see how this plays out over the years.

 Fulltime RV’ing and RoadSchooling:  That’s what this Blog is all about!  In the late Spring of 2013 we will soon depart for full-time RV living.  We plan to visit National Parks, State Parks, Historical Sites, Beautiful Places, and Roadside Attractions.  Stay-tuned (read our Blog).

Aviation: My wife and eldest daughter are interested in flying/piloting.  They are are current members of an Aviation Explorer Post (though BSA).  They are working on building an experimental aircraft and obtaining their pilots license.

Shooting Sports: Eldest daughter is on a Rifle Explorer Team (BSA) and Seth has done very well within his shooting merit badge classes.  They both have been asked to volunteer at BSA ranges during events.

Fishing: The two smaller children are consummated fishermen (persons).  They love to fish ever chance they get.  Being homeschooled they both have a lot of afternoon “kid-time” exercise their fishing prowess.

Photography:  My wife is a professional photographer.  Her specialty is indoor studio portraits.  She has a great artistic eye.  Now that we will be traveling a lot, we will probably start to “focus” (photography joke) on outdoor photography.  Totally different skill set.

Whitewater Rafting:  I would like our family to get into this.  Basically my wife and I have done it as kids, not as adults, and not with the children.  (I’m putting this in the bucket list).

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