RV Mods – Storage Wars

My wife is freaking out, panicked, “concerned” about storage. Mainly, where to put homeschool items, where to put 10 sets of towels, and where to put her belongings.

Me, my answer, is to wait until you move in, figure out what storage items are needed, buy micro-towels (very absorbent, very thin), and take as many drawers as she wants. To be honest, I can’t imagine in spacial terms without living in the environment. This however has no impact on my wife who wants things pre-ready vs. taking the risk of never being done. In other words, my wife ain’t happy, so it’s off to the RV and hardware store we go.


With Labradoodle in hand we hit the hardware store…….


This is the first project. It’s at the end of a closet that divides the kids room in half.


Four cabinet pieces, angle braces, and lots of screws later, voila – homeschool storage center!!!!

And I get lots of hero points………

(I do have a nagging thought about adding too much weight, but MJ tells me that’s silly. We shall see)

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1 Response to RV Mods – Storage Wars

  1. catleo1 says:

    Micro towels rock and there easy to wash

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