Roadside Oddities – Tervis Tumblers, Venice FL


We decided to visit Tervis Tumblers ( in order to get some drinking glasses for our RV travels. The thought is that each of us could have our own unique and identifiable glassware. This would save on having multiple glasses. (Plus MJ always accuses me of leaving glasses around the house, a no-no in an RV. Now I’m scaled down to two and only two (Orange of course)).

Tervis Key Selling Points:
– keeps drinks cold
– keeps drinks hot
– reduces condensation
– lifetime guarantee
– dishwasher safe
– virtually unbreakable
– personalized designs
– made in America
– ecologically logical


For years we have traveled on I-75 passing by this giant tumbler. Finally we have stopped to pay homage. We were hoping to be able to go on a factory tour but they are currently not offering.


About 7 miles down the road is the Tervis factory store. There are so many choices and various themes to choose from. Half the fun is finding glasses for yourself and for others. What a huge selection.


A good time was had by all. Here the themes that we chose.

Robbie – Orange (two)
MJ – Dragonfly (two)
Brooke – Mustache and Captain America
Seth – Salt Life and Bacon
Scout – Ladybugs (two)

I submitted visit to RoadsideAmerica, here is our post

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