Downsizing – Books


I made it through the Atlanta airport without buying any books. That is a huge feat and an accomplishment.

I love books (especially cookbooks). But books are heavy and cumbersome. Storing them hardly pays and make little sense.

Just to give scope of my “book” struggle, I believe thirty banker boxes were given to my “Outlaw” to sell on Amazon. We were going to put them in a garage sale but she convinced us they would make more money selling online. Well, she was right, and has now sold over $1,000 dollars!!!! That’s in used books, my used books. Amazing. Just think how many I had…….

So how did I go cold turkey? I didn’t. I went to the library and got a library card, then downloaded books to my iPad. Also online magazines, and books from Amazon. All digital.

I am packing 2 digital library books, 5 kindle books, and 8 digital magazines. How awesome is that?

If I can’t get it digital then I hold off. I hold off for weeks (now months) and truly debate if I want a hard copy for a book. No suffering here, I’ve gone digital!!!!!

Yes, there is a struggle about not having a book in hand, however it is nice to have digital spread amongst my devices. Highlighting and searching them is easy.

I think I’m a digital convert. Time will tell……..

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