Downsizing – Punch Bug, no tag back

Just sold my two VW’s. They were meant to be working projects to do with the kids. In a cruel twist of fate both engines blew up while driving home for the first time. The grey was bought in 06, drove it from Ohio to upstate Florida (the engine blew). Then the baby-blue was bought in 2011 in Tampa FL and blew 30 min from home. I have not had good luck with VW’s to say the least.

They have sat awaiting engine work and the time to do it. Seth was sentimental to the grey, Brooke to the baby-blue. I tried to sell the grey a few years ago, it brought tears to Seth, so I kept it. Brooke dreamed about driving the blue upon turning 16. Now with fulltime RVing on the horizon it was time to sell. This time, no tears from the kids. They have accepted change and that it’s time to let go.

So punch bug, no tag back!!!!!

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