I broke Google Maps……

Google Map of our Travel Interests

Oh man, it seems like I “broke” Google Maps.

Basically for the past month and a half I have been starring my google map when I find something interesting to do or see (National Parks, State Parks, Campgrounds, Fun Attractions, Learning Experiences, Historic Places, Roadside Attractions). You know, fun road stuff. If I read about some place in a blog, book, magazine – I put a star on my map. If I come upon a list – battle grounds, fossil parks, best waterfalls, outdoor places, best places to eat – I put stars on the places.

Seems like in 1 1/2 months of doing this, I have come up to 1,084 stars……

Now I don’t think I will ever visit (or would want to) all of these places. They are more or less interesting places in a region/state/city. If we happen to be in the area, then we will look at the offerings. Then based on time and interest, we might do it.

The grand plan was to keep starring the map, and then use it as a future travel resource. Simple.

Problem: My map stars are disappearing

I was working on a fossil park list and noticed Dinosaur National Monument was not starred on my map (I had done that one about a month ago). Upon further investigation I found that a lot of my earlier maps stars had fallen off!! Thinking I reached some “star-threshold” (I am at over 1,000 map stars), I started to research the problem. Results, nothing, nada, no cited problem. I then opened a post in the Google Map Forums, and guess what, Google responded. They have not seen this behavior and are now investigating.

I “broke” Google Maps – how awesome is that !!!


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