Downsizing – 5X6 and 32

We are making adjustments to our storage unit. Moving out of smaller ones and consolidating into a larger one.  We have dived up the space (furniture, educational/homeschool, kids, wife, and mine).

My space (which is equal to wife’s, but she also has homeschool stuff in hers) is a 5X6 space.  It has bookshelves on ones side, to store books and “stuff” I may need in the future and space for 32 plastic tote containers.

At first I can’t believe that my life is reducing to a 5X6 space, but then when you consider 32 containers, that just sounds like a lot.  I do know that I have been getting rid of a lot of junk/stuff.  Currently I seem to be keeping – hobby stuff (wood carving, electronics, BSA), Books (southern cooking, BBQ, and crock-pot (RV cooking?), and sentimental/keepsakes.  When I’m finally done I’ll post the final inventory by category.

Problem with the numbers: (Geek Alert)

5×6 and 32…….

Moving or downsizing might be making my brain punchy.  I keep thinking about the numbers.  5X6 – the only thing I can think of is the size of a prison cell – wrong, looked it up (average size US prison cell is 6X8).

And then 32.  Everyone knows the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything is 42 (reference)

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