Put a pin in the map, now it serious…..


For my birthday MJ and the kids, gave me a framed map of the US to place map pins (where we are going, where we have been, where we would like to go).  Included is a blue flag for destination.

Its official, I have stuck the blue flag on……  drum roll…….  Voyageurs National Park (International Falls, MN)

This wasn’t a hard choice as Seth will be going there during the summer of 2013 to do a “boundary waters” canoe trip with his Troop.  MJ has also “talked” the troop scoutmaster (Fuzzy) into “allowing” a family canoe contingent (think MJ, Brooke, and Scout) to also go on this high adventure trip.

NOTE: This weekend the “girls” will be taking a canoeing merit badge course with the rest of the Troop!  (way to go girl team)

So it really wasn’t a hard choice at all.  We will “winter” here in Fort Myers, then sometime in April/May we will start to mosey up to Minnesota.  That’s the plan.

Now *if* we were really cool (which we are), I would try to go down to Everglades National Park (Flamingo, FL), then go to Voyageurs NP.

That’s extreme!  The tip of South Florida to the tip of North Minnesota.  (2051 miles)

Yep, sounds like a plan.

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