Downsizing – Books


Letting go of my books, more specifically letting go of my cookbooks, almost did me in.

Have you seen the Discovery Channel’s show “Horders”, where people have amassed large amounts of stuff (that’s putting it nicely). Almost every show highlights their attachment, and they usually get mentally/physically sick at giving their junk away.

I had that same feeling when it came to my cookbooks. I felt a little sick, a bit light headed, and something in me was resisting letting go.

There was no problem giving away my R/C plane stuff, beekeeping supplies, and other items. But my cookbooks, they were something entirely different.

Each representing a different time/phase in my life. Some I used frequently, others there “just in case”. Was I a book horder? (looking at the years of book storage I would have to say yes). But the feeling of a book in hand, or having one when in need, there is nothing like it. On the other hand, the weight, the bulk, and storage. It’s time to let go.

So far the southern foods and BBQ books are remaining, non-interesting ones going, going, gone. I am averaging 70% rate of letting go but it’s still not high enough.

Maybe sleeping on it and revisiting will help. Plus I can keep digital recipes and there is always

I can do this, yes I can!


Found out about Overdrive which allows digital media check/check-out through libraries.  I’m going to test that out.

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