What are these boxes doing here?


Moving Boxes???

I’m back from Alaska and our house is covered in moving boxes.

Wow, MJ must have been really upset at being left at home (and not getting to go to Alaska)……  or maybe we were planning to move and MJ was getting stuff pre-packed  (ya, lets go with that!)

As our marriage history goes (or at least the way MJ tells it), I always “happen” to be out of town when we move to a new place.  In my best straight face defense, being in Alaska was purely coincidental, thats my story and I’m sticking to it.  I maintain all plausible deniability.

Anyway imagine my surprise coming home and finding unmoved moving boxes. (I still don’t know who was more surprised, me finding moving boxes, or MJ when I told her I would be out of town during the move).  I digress….

So unmoved moving boxes (in my “old” house).  What is up with that?  Moving boxes in my “old” house, which is now my “current” house and not my “old” house, because my “new” house is not ready.  Follow that?

I hate when a good plan falls apart.  I was suppose to come home to find myself auto-magically moved into a “new” house.  Well, not really, but kinda.

Here’s the story…..

We have talked about moving, and would try to do so over the summer.  MJ wanted our next move to have a pool and maybe be on/near water so the kids could entertain themselves (we live in Florida right!).

Well the rental market is tight here because of the economic *and* real-estate downturn.  It’s not a buyers or sellers market.  It’s a rental market, and finding one can be tough.  Most of the time you find something, call, only to find it has been rented.  There are quite a few houses in foreclosure so you have to be very careful who you rent from, whats the story, and that’s even if you can find a rental at all (it’s that tight).

It so happened that we did find a beautiful rental, with a pool, on salt-water.  Huge house in an awesome neighborhood. In fact I had taken MJ through it before we got married saying “wouldn’t this be nice”?

However, there was a story with this one (told you they all have “stories”, this was two stories, ha, I crack myself up), but yes this one did have a story.  It was foreclosed along with three others that an investor had.  The title was purchased, it was cleaned up, and ready to move into.  They said they might sell it in a year or three, but we could rent for at least one year (maybe more).  Perfect!  We would love to move up to North Carolina, but have family we need to visit here.  Having something short term (for a year) would not be a bad thing, plus on the water, has pool.  This was seven days before my leaving for Alaska.  I put down a deposit and MJ was relieved that we had a house to “slow move” into over the summer.  She would pack some boxes, would clean the house, and we would do the big move when I came back (or when she had movers 😉 ), which ever came first.

Off to Alaska I went, we just needed approval from the HOA (20 day turnaround at the most), a few days for cleaning, I would be back, and then the real move.

So none of that happened.  MJ had been calling me, we have been calling the Realtor, and the HOA seems to be taking their full 20 days, plus some, to get their act together.  No house to move to, boxes packed, clock is ticking.

My seed of thought continues to grow…..

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